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The very popular and well-known American chef and baker, Jason Smith, has won three separate cooking and baking shows on some of the top food channels. His personality shines and he just lights up the screen which explains why so many have come to know and love him. We couldn't be more excited to feature him and are so grateful and happy to know such an amazing human. Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. Lord honey, I have been an entrepreneur since I was 15 years old. I started a catering company at the tender age of 15 and then

Jessica Alba Made Millions Pursuing Her Passion Although Jessica Alba may be known for her beauty and poise, she and her brand have become an extremely important household name for health-conscious parents. The Honest Company launched in 2012 with 17 baby focused products and made $10 million in its first year. By 2015, the business had over 120 products including makeup and beauty products and was worth $250 million while using mostly online advertising such as Facebook ads. Alba, who suffered from extreme allergies and chronic asthma when she was a child, was preparing to welcome her daughter, Honor, into the world and like all