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Proven Strategies to Strengthen Your Online Marketing Presence During a Crisis

It seems we are living in a time of uncertainty and confusion everywhere we turn. Many are feeling lost and unsure. We’re here to tell you that it absolutely does not have to be this way. In the midst of a crisis such as this, leaders tend to rise up and show their true form. The one thing you can control in this situation is your attitude and your response to it. So, now is your time to step out of your comfort zone and look inward. Think of all the reasons that led you to begin this journey from the start and continue to share that message via all your digital platforms. Take this time to connect with your clients, followers, customers, etc. to meet their needs however you are able. There are many different ways you can pivot your marketing strategy to a digital approach, and we’ve listed some suggestions below.

  1. E-mail Marketing –

If the way your business runs is currently affected by the ongoing crisis (and let’s face it, most are), this is a great time to reach our via your e-mail list to let them know what measures you are taking to be able to continue to serve them or to keep them updated on any other changes regarding your business. We only suggest this if you currently have an active e-mail marketing campaign as it can look tacky to reach out when your audience hasn’t heard from you in months.

  1. Social Media Marketing –

Now that many people may have more time on their hands to browse social media and the web, your online presence is more important than ever. This is the time to keep your audience informed of what YOU are doing now to remain relevant. Be creative and think outside the box about different types of campaigns you may be able to pursue now to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more. Be sure any scheduled content is appropriate considering our current circumstances and try to work in content that is uplifting and encouraging that also aligns with your brand goals. Most importantly, be open and honest in how your business and personal life has been affected. Use this opportunity to make connections on a more personal level, rather than just drive sales.

  1. Paid Ads via Social Media –

As previously mentioned, with more and more users online, this is the chance for your content to really be seen. If your business is booming despite the current crisis, use it to your advantage as a number of your competitors may be scaling back. For businesses feeling the effects of this pandemic in a negative way, there are still opportunities for you to create potential future leads by generating free content that offers value for users then following up later by providing discounted rates for additional content.