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Sakura Spotlight Series: Spa And Beauty Today

We are so excited to introduce you to two amazing ladies who have led the way in providing amazing tips and insight into some of the world’s largest growing industries; Beauty, Health & Wellness. They started their business from the ground up and not only do they keep you up to date on all the latest trends and treatments, they also give you an inside look into some of the most amazing spas on the planet! Now that’s a job with some awesome perks!

  1. Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do.

Our website delivers premium spa and lifestyle content to the people that love spas and beauty the way we do. Our readers come to our website daily to discover spas around the world, shop the latest beauty products, learn about new trends and innovations, and sign up for wellness retreats. We’ve profiled hundreds of spas around the world and conducted interviews with spa directors,   managers and owners, who provide insider tips, recommend treatments to try, and much more. Whenever we can go to a spa in-person, we write a detailed Spa Diary about our visit that provides everything you need to know firsthand. We also help our spa and beauty partners connect with the consumers they want to reach.

  1. What made you aspire to be an entrepreneur?

We were both longtime editors in the beauty and wellness industry who connected over our mutual passion for spas, and we realized there were no resources for people like us. People started coming to us asking for spa recommendations, so we decided to create a resource to help others find spas all around the world, discover the latest products, and more. It’s been so wonderful to leverage our connections and knowledge of the industry to help our readers be in the know.

  1. What is the one thing you wish you had known before starting your own business?

It’s going to be a lot more work than you think it is and be prepared to be in it for the long haul. We both have to wear multiple hats on a daily basis and there is always work to be done. Some days we get little to no sleep. Others we’re going to several different events across town on the same day, and every day we publish and create new content. None of this would be possible if we didn’t have a true passion for this industry.

  1. What are the aspects of your business that you enjoy the most?

Well of course, the opportunity to visit and discover some of the most amazing spas in the world, as well as trying all of the latest beauty products. Getting to meet the wonderful people behind-the-scenes of numerous hotels, spas and beauty brands has proven to be the most enjoyable part of what we do. We have made so many wonderful friends over the course of our journey, and love the positive feedback we receive from our readers, who are thankful when they discover a new favorite product or a spa that they learned about through our website.

  1. What do you love doing in your free time to refuel and have fun?

Kamala: I love relaxing on the couch snuggled up with my two pugs, Wrigley and Getty, while catching up on my favorite TV shows. And when my schedule permits, traveling with my husband.

Lizzy: When I have a little free time, I enjoy playing guitar and yoga.


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