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Top 10 Public Relation Firms in Los Angeles – Updated List 2019

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A Public Relations Firm is a professional services provider. Indeed publicity teams are generally hired to increase brand awareness and media recognition for many business types. The core objective of the public relations firm is to build the brand, product, or service rendered by an organization through media placements on behalf of the client. There are a lot of PR firms working in the market and we have gone through 209 in firms and selected the Top 10 Public Relation Firms in Los Angeles.

The public relations firms have been selected on the basis of their reputation, credibility, customer trust, and successful project completion ratio.

10. Charmed Public Relations

Charmed Public Relations is a Woodland Hills-based firm. This firm is famous for its fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. The owner of this firm is Mr. Robin Tolkan is a famous fashion correspondent for KABC, eHOW’s Style channel and FAWN Network of YouTube.

9. EF Public Relations

EF is one of the most famous public relations firms providing services in Los Angeles. It is a Los Angeles based firm specialized in entertainment-related public relations. This firm is basically a boutique organization which blends the creativity of boutique with the world of entertainment. EF Public Relations uses this blended approach to enhance marketing and public relations campaigns. They focus on hiring young talented manpower who are specialized in public relations, publicity campaigns and covering special events.

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8. Fox Greenberg Public Relations

Fox Greenberg public relations is one of the top public relations firms operating in Los Angeles. This is a leading public relations firm with multiple offices in Los Angeles. It is basically a boutique marketing public relations firm. This firm provides the services in celebrity endorsement, brand promotion, event manager, social and electronic media campaign management.

7. H+R Public Relations

The first thing to remember H+R Public Relations is a Los Angeles based firm which is famous for its full-service public relations. This firm offers its services in brand promotion, strategic planning, perception making, graphics and web design, media training and opening and launching of new brands. This firm has a good reputation in client satisfaction and famous for its passionate approach towards public relations campaigns.

6. Johnson Public Relations

Johnson Public Relations is another famous public relations firm which is Los Angeles based and specialized in disciplines of print, electronic and social media. This firm offers its services in strategic planning, media relations, HR services, litigation support, and issues management. This firm presents itself proudly as one of the top Los Angeles based public relations firms with expertise in strategic planning.

5. Karupa Consulting

Krupa Consulting is one of the most famous Los Angeles based public relations firm. Karupa Consulting offers its services in innovative press media campaigns, strategic planning and partnership, new media awareness and new brands launching. This firm contains a large number of satisfied clients. This firm helps in creating the editorial profiles both in in-book and online outlets of the brands.

4. Media Playground PR

Media Playground PR is a reputable public relations firm serving its clients in Los Angeles. This firm was established in 2003 and has a large number of satisfied clients in just a few years. This firm offers its services to fashion-oriented products and services. Further, this firm offers its services in electronic, paper social media relations, fashion week, celebrity endorsement, strategic planning, partnership, and many more services in this field. This firm offers customized services to its clients in order to achieve maximum benefits for its clients.

3. New Ground PR & Marketing

New Ground PR & Marketing is a Marina Based firm and provides its services in Los Angeles as well. This firm offers its services in public relations, marketing, electronic and social media campaigns, event planning and real estate. This firm offers creativity based services and establishes good relationships for its clients.

2. Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc.

Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc. in Malibu, California offers its services in Los Angeles as well. In fact, this firm was established back in 1994 and since the beginning, it has provided satisfactory services to its clients. This firm is a full-service public relations company and provides its services almost in each and every field.

Another key point Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc. is famous for its electronic and social media relations, events management, crises management, and media training.

1. Sakura Marketing Firm

Sakura Marketing Firm is a Los Angeles-based public relations and social media marketing firm. In a very short span of time, the firm acquired significant satisfied clients and gained a distinct position among competitors with their distinct grasp on strategy, publicity, optimization, digital marketing, and emerging trends. The specialty of Sakura Marketing Firm is creating tailored marketing plans, they understand each company is unique and pay attention to the details. The firm works with many industries which include lifestyle brands, beauty, entertainment, fashion, celebrity marketing and more. Sakura Marketing Firm prides themselves on being a full-service firm with a competitive edge and advantage.

Core services of Sakura Marketing Firm also include influencer marketing, content creation, SEO, Facebook+ Instagram ads, website developing and management.