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Sakura Spotlight Series: Kate Wilken

Kate Wilken of Apricity Ink has just the right touch to make any event FABULOUS! She is a hard working momma who knows how to get things done in her business and creates meaningful and lasting connections along the way. We can’t wait to share her story with you.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do.

Apricity Ink is a calligraphy and design studio that specializes in creating unique and heirloom worthy wedding stationery – from invitations to seating charts and place cards to signage. To me, calligraphy is not just about writing words, but about connecting letters so they create art. The details of a wedding or event are so important – they set the tone for your day, make even the biggest party seem intimate and personal, and make your guests feel welcomed.

  1. What made you aspire to be an entrepreneur?

There’s something really invigorating about waking up each day knowing that what you are doing is all yours. What I accomplish in a day is dictated by me, not by a boss. There’s also something terrifying about that as well, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to accomplish too much, too fast. Still, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

3. What is the one thing you wish you had known before starting your own business?

Oh so much! You need to be (at least) pretty good at A LOT of really different things that have nothing to do with the product/art/idea that you produce. Taxes are confusing, SEO is a different language; content creation is time consuming – but it’s all important to building a successful business. Ask for help from others and find a good group of like minded entrepreneurs to get together with.

  1. What has been the most successful avenue for building and growing your brand/business (social media, ads, word of mouth, referrals, etc.)?

Creating relationships with others in the wedding industry (like photographers, florists, and venues) or other creative entrepreneurs has been really helpful in building my business. These amazing people have not only cheered me on, but recommended me to clients, stretched my creativity into new areas and been people that have given me great advice and friendship.

  1. What are the aspects of your business that you enjoy the most?

I love when I work with a couple from their wedding invitations all the way through to the details of their wedding day. Not only can I ensure the design of the invitations is pulled through to the wedding day, but I spend so many months getting to know a couple that they feel like friends by the end! I like encouraging couples to find ways to incorporate their personalities and love story into their wedding day – from whimsical signage with portraits of their dog to table numbers that highlight some of the memorable dates they’ve been on.

  1. What do you love doing in your free time to refuel and have fun?

I have a busy – and fun! – life with three small children, one active dog, and an amazingly supportive husband. I am so thankful to be able to have work that is flexible enough for me to be there for all the little and big moments in my family’s life. When I’m on my own, I love a good cup of coffee, a new magazine, perusing vintage stores for unique finds, and listening to my favorite podcasts.