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Spotlight Series Q&A for Entrepreneurs Mitchell Cote-Sawyer has always known that he didn't want to be a typical employee at a huge company. Born with the entrepreneurial spirit, He knew he was destined to be in charge. Instead of being under some corporate umbrella, he thrives on helping others run their businesses effectively. We can totally relate Mitchell!   Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. I am a brand consultant and work with numerous start-ups in the fashion & hospitality industries. I help with everything from business development to PR to talent acquisition. Basically, I help companies find new ways

You can’t hear the word innovation without thinking of one name, Elon Musk. Anyone who has access to the internet or television has heard of Elon Musk. Most associate him with the automotive company that he is a co-founder of, Tesla Inc. However, many are not aware that he has his hand in a wide variety of businesses, mostly dealing with tech. After dropping out of his Ph.D. program at Stanford University, he was free to pursue his entrepreneurial career. He became co-founder of a web software company called Zip2 which was acquired by Compaq in 1999 for $340 million. He then founded an online bank

40Christine Demirtshian, owner of both Cake Bams and Gigi's Cupcakes, is proving that women can and should run the world! She recently acquired both companies and is currently working to expand operations. She is looking forward to opening the first Gigi's Cupcakes location on the west coast in the very near future and has already begun introducing Cake Bams to markets across Europe. Check out her Q&A below to get to know more about one of the most impressive females in the food and restaurant industry. Spotlight Series Q&A for Entrepreneurs   Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. I am the

We're back with another Spotlight Series feature! Concetta Antcio is a color visonary and we're so happy to have had a moment to sit down and interview her.   Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. As the brand CONCETTA ANTICO I am venerated worldwide as "The Color Queen”.  I am scientifically endorsed as the “Perfect Storm” for functioning Tetrachromacy, which means I can resolve 100 million more colors than others. This gift illuminates the truth of the world's beauty through my hyper-colored oil on canvas masterpieces. My paintings are windows to colors only my eyes can perceive so others can see them too. I receive

We're so excited to kick off our Sakura Marketing Spotlight Series! We're starting off the series with a feature Q&A on Deisy Suarez, Founder of DESUAR Spa. Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. DESUAR Spa is a full-service day spa located in Downtown LA. We provide an exceptional guest experience with the amenities of a world-class spa. We offer massage, body treatments, scrubs, body wraps, facials, slimming treatments, waxing, CBD infused treatments, spray tanning and more. The oils we use are  all-natural essential aromatherapy and you may select the combination that best suits your mood. Our skin products are

A Public Relations Firm is a professional services provider. Indeed publicity teams are generally hired to increase brand awareness and media recognition for many business types. The core objective of the public relations firm is to build the brand, product, or service rendered by an organization through media placements on behalf of the client. There are a lot of PR firms working in the market and we have gone through 209 in firms and selected the Top 10 Public Relation Firms in Los Angeles. The public relations firms have been selected on the basis of their reputation, credibility, customer trust, and successful project completion ratio. 10.

.Social media is one of the pivotal platforms for digital marketing for your business. Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019 is something that you need to know in depth in order to promote your business. Sakura Marketing Firm provides you with ample guidance regarding new Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019 which will help you to excel your business of any shape, size, and type. As social media is continuously evolving and marketing on social media is an ever-shifting landscape. Owing to this fact every businessman needs to be updated regarding new developments in the field so that maximum benefit can be derived from continuously changing