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Sakura Spotlight Series: Rachel Martin

Spotlight Series Q&A for Entrepreneurs

Based in LA, in the heart of the entertainment industry, Hello PR is a business that truly takes pride in their clients. (Just like another LA business we know. 😉) Owner and creator, Rachel Martin, makes it a point to develop and nurture the relationships she has with her musicians and talent to ensure that each of them feels supported and connected. And in a place like LA, that’s a business practice that really makes a difference.


  1. Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do.

I’m an independent music and talent publicist! I represent a group of extremely talented musicians, actors, and influencers.


  1. What made you aspire to be an entrepreneur? 

I have worked in the entertainment business for about 10 years now, and each job I worked in had aspects or made business decisions that I did not agree with, whether it be ethically or not. I decided that the best way to solve these issues was to start a business myself.


  1. What is the one thing you wish you had known before starting your own business?

Accounting! Haha! Seriously though, keeping track of accounting (invoices, write offs, taxes and the lot) is something that I never really learned in school or professionally working for a bigger  company. It’s been a learning curve!


  1. What has been the most successful avenue for building and growing your brand/business (social media, ads, word of mouth, referrals, etc.)?

Social media is definitely important, but for me, all of my business has come from word of mouth and referrals. If you build great relationships with the right people, you’ll never have to beg people for business.


  1. What are the aspects of your business that you enjoy the most?

The successes and seeing finished products! There’s no better feeling than working so hard and putting in so many hours for months on a project and seeing success, whether that be getting tons of press, having an album chart or seeing a TV show with high ratings from critics. One of my favorite things is seeing an artist I’ve been working with since the beginning sell out a venue. That’s an incredible feeling.


  1. What do you love doing in your free time to refuel and have fun?

A lot of my “free time” and “hobbies” cross over into my job – but as boring as it sounds, I love binge watching TV and streaming shows when I have the time. I like to let my mind get lost and totally disconnect. I just started the Good Doctor and I highly recommend it!

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